Why use Fibreglass Roofing?

  • Most flat roofs are bitumin/felt and leak more often than they should.
  • GRP Fibreglass is used on boats and therefore is completely water tight.
  • Can be finished in almost any colour and there are numerous non slip finishes available.
  • Estimated 40yr lifespan
  • It is cold applied, so no need for hazardous¬†gas cylinders
  • Fire retardant – much safer than other roof systems
  • Comes with a 25 year guarantee
  • Can fit practically any shape
  • Will add value to your property
  • Quick and easy to install, an average job takes 2 – 2.5 days
  • Simply the best flat roofing system on the market

Fibreglass Roofing – the Architects choice

Fibreglass roofing is such a versatile material for many reasons – it’s fantastic appearance and the wide variety of colours it is available in make it a favourite of many architects and builders. Add to this it’s high strength and lightweight properties which mean it can be installed rapidly and last for many years in domestic and commercial applications. It can even mimic other materials such as lead or copper sheeting, making it an ideal choice for listed buildings and environmentally sensitive areas.