GRP Fibreglass RoofA Fibre Glass Roof Is The Right Solution For Your Roof

A Fibre Glass Roof is the New Roofing Solution perfect for most situations. Fibreglass is an extraordinarily strong and versatile material, yet one that is not yet fully understood by the general public. There are many different varieties of uses for fibre glass to assist with various solutions and Fibre Glass Roofing is just one of them. The properties within Fibre Glass are astounding. As of the moment it is known as a plastic yet it does not show the same disadvantages that the majority of today’s conventional ‘thermoplastics’ do when used in everyday situations.

Fibre Glass is heat proof and fire retardant which has obvious safety advantages. Did you know fibre glass is super strong? It is seven times the strength of steel. Yet when carried it is very lightweight because of the amazing way it can absorb energy. This has made it the perfect material for cars, planes and now for roofs.

A Fibre Glass Roof is very easy to install

This is an example of a day-to-day “Fibreglass Roofing Job” from start to finish. :

  • The old materials from the roof would be removed and then the existing roof joists would be exposed.
  • Next water drainage would be checked for and improved if necessary.
  • Then the Roof Area would be decked with 18mm OSB sheeting.
  • Specially formed trims would be fitted to the permeter.
  • Fibreglass matting is laid down and sealed with a seamless resin.
  • After the curing time is complete a Top Coat Resin is applied to the whole roof.
  • The team of roofers would then completely clean the site.
  • The 25 year Guarantee is given to the Home Owner and the job is complete.

This seamless roofing system is the answer to leaking felt roofs

A Fibre Glass Roof provides great strength and flexibility compared to other types of roofing. It’s the ultimate in watertight roofing solutions as it is seamless, unlike all other roofing systems. It can fit into almost any situation and can mould into complex shapes. The fibre glass roofs that we install offer you full weather protection for around 40 years. New roofs are fully supported by a 25 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee, this will add value to your home.

Fibre glass roofing makes your home more secure

Fibreglass roofing not only is more durable and longer lasting than other roofing materials, but it can also add additional security your property. Because it is seamless and incredibly strong it is virtually impossible for intruders to penetrate and gain access. Fibreglass covering is becoming the preferred material for many architects and is fitted as standard on both new and old buildings.

All the Facts to Having a Fibre Glass Roof Installed

  • It’s a highly economical solution, and can help add value to your home.
  • Non-Slip walkways can be incorporated on the roofing.
  • Its maintenance free for a very long time as the material used is very durable.
  • Is resistant against heavy foot traffic.
  • The Ultra Hard finish of the roof means it provides high security.
  • The material used in Fibre Glass Roofing is fire retardant for peace of mind.
  • This type of solution is suitable for bay roofs, garage roofs, flat roof extensions or any type of flat roof.